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Still Voice Privacy Notice

Personal Data

The law relating to personal data changed on 25 May 2018 and the information below sets out what data may be held about you and how and when that data might be used. This document is called a “Privacy Notice” and applies to you if you are a prospective, existing or former client (“you” or “your”) of Still Voice ( “Still Voice” or “we”) or in some circumstances, members of your immediate family (for example, if a child or young adult receives services from Still Voice) Still Voice is based in Croydon and provides a range of counselling services to adults and children (“Services”).
We may process your data the ways and for the reasons listed below. Personal data is any data that would enable someone else to identify a living person and sensitive personal data includes information relating to your mental or physical health. In this Privacy Notice, we refer to both types of data as your “Personal Data”.

Collecting and Storing Personal Data

Still Voice may collect the following types of Personal Data in the course of delivering Services to you:

- Information relating to your use of our website including cookies
- Your name, gender and date of birth;
- Your postal and email address;
- Phone number(s);
- Details about any mental or physical health issues;
- Records of any Services carried out; and
- Photographs, videos or drawings of any work completed by children or young adults, for example sand trays created as part of
any Jungian-Kalffian Sandplay sessions.

Personal Data is collected in a number of ways including: via email, text or voice messages or by using the online contact form. Data may also be collected during therapeutic sessions.

If any Data is held electronically Still Voice will make every effort to ensure that it is anonymised and stored on computers or devices with a current, valid anti-virus programme installed and/or adequate security settings.

Data may also be held in paper form, usually at our registered address and occasionally at a location accessed by any supervisors (supervisors ensure that anyone providing Services through Still Voice operates professionally and appropriately with reference to applicable standard practices).

We will always take steps to ensure that records containing your Personal Data are kept securely and contain the minimum amount of Personal Data needed for us to deliver our Services.

We will not collect, process or store any Personal Data outside of the European Economic Association (including Switzerland).

Keeping your data

We will collect and retain Data whilst you are receiving any Services from us. I am regulated by the BACP and consequently I am required to retain records of Services provided to you for a period of (5) five years from the date of our last session together.

Your rights

You have the right to ask us to update any incorrect information held about you or to request that your Data is not processed by us. If you have any questions or concerns about the data we hold about you, please contact us as soon as possible.

Using Personal Data

The table below sets out how and/or when Still Voice may use your Data and on what basis. We can only use your Personal Data in accordance with Data Protection Legislation, and we are required to explain the legal basis that applies to our use of your Data.

How we use your Data:
1) To keep a written or oral record of any therapeutic sessions provided to you;
2) To make any referrals to external organisations, health or social care providers, schools, or equivalent;
3) To contact you regarding any Services available from Still Voice following an online enquiry;
4) To contact you about ongoing Services being provided;
5) To display testimonials via ;
6) As part of any insurance claim made by us in relation to any legal proceedings; and
7) To participate in any legal proceedings.

The legal basis for using your Data:
1) We do this because we are usually legallyrequired to keep recors for reasons relating to professional regulation;
2) As part of our legitimate interest as a provider of therapeutic Services and because we have a legal or ethical obligation to do so;
3) On the basis of your consent, provided upon completion of our online contact form;
4) On the basis of Still Voice’s legitimate interests as a counselling provider and to enable us to perform our duties under the contract for Service delivery;
5) On the basis of your explicit consent;
6) To perform the contract between Still Voice and our insurers, and because it is necessary to protect Still Voice’s legitimate interests; and
7) Because we are legally required to do so, or sometimes because we have entered into a contract with you to provide such services.

Who your Data could be shared with:
1) Supervisors (although records are normally anonymised) to enable therapeutic work to be discussed monitored and developed. Health and/or social care professionals, or bodies (usually you will be notified prior to sharing Data unless there is a substantial harm to anyone);
2) Social Services, employees at a school, medical professionals, etc;
3) Data collected in this way will only be used by Still Voice;
4) Data collected in this way will only be used by Still Voice;
5) Any person accessing our website. However, we will normally anonymise testimonials, or they will only include your first name;
6) Our insurance provider; and
7) The police, any court in the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service, Victim Support teams, and similar. Normally this would be as a result of a court order.

Where Still Voice processes your Data on the basis of consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by getting in touch with us. If Data is processed for any other lawful reason, then we would not normally need your consent to use, collect or share Data in accordance with this Privacy Notice. However, we will use our best efforts to notify you if we need to use or share any of your Personal Data. An exception would be where someone was at risk of serious and/or immediate harm.

Next Steps

By entering into a contract with Still Voice to receive agreed Services, you are confirming your acceptance of this Privacy Notice. Making contact with us via our website is also in accordance with this Notice. Please contact Still Voice as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns about the contents of this Privacy Notice.

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